The Inspired By Project is an amazing, fun, and creative way for you to earn a ton of points in our Creative Studio program!


RES TRUC TU RED by Peter Sposito. Inspired By Project contribution

How does it work?

Use your artistic skills to create a project using We Love Colors items. The projects can be a sculpture, mixed-media installation, video, photoshoot, etc. Push the boundaries and get as creative as you can!

How do I get materials?

We have a collection of imperfect tights that we can send to people who are seriously interested in creating an Inspired By Project. If you are interested, please e-mail with your project idea(s), including the nature of the medium and how many pairs of tights you think you’ll need, and we will get you some product to create with ASAP.


You must have the ability to take high quality photo and/or video as a part of this project. You are putting in a lot of work to create a gorgeous project, and we want to be able to present it well for you on Inspired By.  If you are stuck here, see if you can find a friend in your area that can help you.

When you are finished, email your high quality media to, the same way you would for other media in the Creative Studio project [click here]. We will award you 1000 points and share your project on the Inspired By blog.

We are looking forward to your submission.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.  

Thank you, We Love Colors